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Destino Mallorca con kaizen yacht

Bienvenidos a Mallorca
a bordo de Kiazen Yacht

Mallorca, la isla más grande del archipiélago balear, es un tesoro de diversidad que ofrece desde impresionantes paisajes montañosos hasta calas escondidas de aguas turquesas. Su capital, Palma, cautiva con su rica historia y vibrante cultura, mientras que los pintorescos pueblos y las vastas playas invitan a explorar.


Mallorca es un destino que combina a la perfección el encanto rústico con el lujo, ideal tanto para aventureros como para quienes buscan relajarse en el Mediterráneo. Descubre Mallorca y sumérgete en una experiencia única, donde la naturaleza, la historia y la gastronomía se unen en perfecta armonía.




Full week enjoying the coves and beaches of Mallorca, its people, history and of course its mythical places (Coves de Drac, Basilica of Sta. Maria, Castell de Bellver from the 14th century ...). The plan will be offered in consensus with our clients and their preferences. Also advice on mountain bike routes and hiking on the island, mobility management in a rental vehicle (optional extra). Possibility of combining it with Ibiza (eg 3 days in Ibiza - 4 in Mallorca).




OUR PRICES INCLUDE: Yacht, Fuel for go (not for return), accommodation, drinks (1st brands) snacks, breakfasts, lunches and dinners, insurance accidents, DJ, gifts, berths outside port base, bedding, dinghy and motor, water activities (paddle surf board , diving ...), daily and final cleaning.



Mallorca is known internationally for its warm climate and its wonderful beaches. The nearly 300 beaches around the island are one of the main reasons why tourists from all over the world decide to come and spend their holidays in Mallorca. White sand or rock, turquoise or crystalline waters, recondite or overcrowded. All the beaches in Mallorca have their charm. Each one decides what type of beach he likes best.


The special orography of Mallorca has endowed the island with a nature rich in diversity of landscapes and unique ecosystems. That is why around 40 percent of the territory is protected.

Majorca hosts magnificent examples of defensive architecture that are part of the history of this island.

Religious architecture is well represented in all the towns and cities of Mallorca with monumental churches, sanctuaries, hermitages and monasteries. Among the most unique is the Monastery of Lluc, in Escorca, considered the spiritual center of the island. The place also attracts a lot of hikers and nature lovers, as it is located in an imposing landscape of mountains with rocky and oak forests.


It does not matter what month of the year we are, for weekend getaways, the island always has a proposal. Or rather, too many proposals.


The possibilities of entertainment, relaxation, culture, outdoor activities, shopping, gastronomy, are as numerous as they are accessible, the difficult thing is not to be tempted by all. The dimensions of Mallorca allow one day excursions quite complete, everything depends on the time that each visitor wants to dedicate at each stop.

There is practically nothing that can not be acquired in Mallorca despite being an island. On the contrary, it has served as a magnet for all kinds of artists and entrepreneurs who are not found elsewhere.

Mallorca long ago received the nickname of 'the island of calm', and not in vain. Despite the fact that the party is one of the most popular dishes, Mallorca still offers spaces for relaxation, where you can disconnect from the world, where you can pamper yourself and take care of your body. So it is not surprising that many visitors come to the island looking for a spa and a parenthesis to stress.


Mallorca has a reputation as a peaceful and relaxing place. The island offers us a multitude of activities and places to discover.


There are many monuments and museums, as well as a wide range of activities and excursions to satisfy every visitor in Mallorca.

To go out at night the island has a large number of bars and pubs scattered throughout its geography, are small bars especially very lively and with a great atmosphere. To go to clubs and discos, one of the best-known nightlife areas is the Palma promenade, where there is a large concentration of nightclubs. Other options are the different tourist areas, among them, one of the liveliest is Magaluf.

Mallorca is full of attractions suitable for children. You can change the beach for a stroll through the fortresses of Capdepera, Alaró and Arta (Santuari de Sant Salvador, perfect for playing to be the king or queen of the castle.) All are fascinated by the petrified forests of stalactites and stalagmites of the labyrinthine caves of Drac, Artà and Campanet.

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